Kevin Nørby Andersen 👋🏻

I make physical and digital objects in an increasingly digital world.

These days, I work with Human Interface Design at 🔊 Bang & Olufsen, where I have created a team focused on 🛠 Tools & Interactions. We’re on a mission to create beautiful relationships between people and technology.

Outside work, I do 🪵 side projects and run the dormant design studio 👾 super ultra.

My 📂 portfolio is outdated, but during my time at LEGO, I made robotics feel more inclusive, playful, and creative by making 🤖 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime. Then I worked on getting 🥰 LEGO Mario to feel like a friend. I drove the transition to using 🐱 Scratch as the visual programming language for kids and relocated to MIT Media Lab to expand upon that work.

In the future, I can see myself working on:
🕒 Tools for creative thinking and doing 🕒 Biological Computing 🕒 Web3 🕓 A (Danish) interaction design programme
🕔 Doing for news what iTunes did for music

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