Kevin Nørby Andersen 👋🏻

I make physical and digital tools that extend our ability to do and think. If you’d like help with that, let’s chat.  

Bang & Olufsen, Denmark (2021 - 2022)

Created and managed a Tools & Interactions team. We designed beautiful models between humans and technology for radically new products at Bang & Olufsen. No products or patents public yet.  

The LEGO Group + MIT Media Lab, Denmark + US (2015 - 2021)

Built the team that rewrote the entire firmware architecture and codebase for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime.

Drove the transition for The LEGO Group to adopt Scratch as the visual programming language for kids, and Python for text-based programming.

Relocated to MIT Media Lab to work with the Scratch Team. Also designed and developed the LEGO BOOST Scratch extension.

Helped an incredible team design the technology concept for LEGO Super Mario.

Designed LEGO Education SPIKE Prime to make robotics and technology more friendly and inclusive.  

Outside work

I do side projects. My portfolio is outdated, but I’m happy to send material on request.


Get in touch

Calendly: book 30 min. with me
Twitter: @knandersen
GitHub: @knandersen
LinkedIn: kevinandersen
E-mail: things [ at ] kevinandersen [ dot ] dk